I Always Wonder…

I always wonder

When there’s lightning and thunder

Are you trying to get to me

And explain why my heart is torn asunder?

Perhaps, just maybe

I can grow up to be that same lady

The lady you once were

Now framed in a picture

Is it true when they say you can see me

And that you have the key

The key to what might set me free?

I wonder

If you wander

Between the roses and lavender

When your mind is seeking peace

And you just want to release

To release all your thoughts

To loosen all the knots

To try and connect the dots

Can you really hear

The screams of fear

When I wake up at night

And sit upright

Knowing it’s not going to be alright?

Are you there

When I’m brushing my hair

Or having a nightmare?

Do you really know the pain and despair

Or are you unaware?

Unaware of the broken pieces

That no one can ever repair

I always wonder and wonder and wonder

What is lightning and what is thunder?

Is it you trying to communicate

Or just the skies showing all their hate?

I wonder mother

Will there ever be another?

Another chance for us to be together?

The End

3 thoughts on “I Always Wonder…

    1. Im always thinking of Mona my sis , and of the good & funny times we had together . Her memories make me smile from the bottom of my heart .. I smile and wonder too if she can read my mind and see my smile .. then something drops to the floor and I’m wondering again if it was a sign from her.. I know she’s watching over us all and im sure shes proud she of you Mona.. I loved what you wrote .. coz I also often wonder…

      Liked by 1 person

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