I Ran

Sand particles under my feet, sun rays burning through my skin, sweat droplets dripping from my forehead, salt stuck to my eyebrows and my lips moisturised by melted ice-cream. I ran and ran until I was out of breath, strands of hair covered my face and reached down to my lower back. Voices of kids screaming, music erupting loudly from speakers. Distinct smells of food pierced my nostrils. I ran more and more… Swish swoosh, swish swoosh, the waves shrieked as they engulfed the sand. I ran, I skipped, I screamed and sang, but, most of all I laughed. Birds whistled in the distance, dogs barked, loud noises exploded in the air.


I came upon a starfish as I ran. I picked it up and looked at it closely. I observed its weird yet fascinating movements. I put it back down gently, and I ran. I ran with no purpose, but I was being attacked with anonymous feelings. My chest opened up, my lungs expanded double in size. I felt exposed, my soul was bare, but I was carefree, so I ran. And kept on running until I felt the water splash on my knees. I threw myself in and closed my eyes for what felt like hours…in reality was only seconds. I pushed myself up gasping for air. I had such an indescribable feeling. My heart pounded harder and harder in my chest, my cells bumped into each other, my breathing increased… The level of excitement I had was driving me wild. I was like a fish that has found water after ages of suffering. The smell of the beach refreshed me. The mix of blue colours from the sky and shades of yellow from the sunset a calming atmosphere around us.


I was healthy, I felt empowered, and all I wanted to do was run. And so, I ran… I ran and ran. I let out all the exhilaration that had been bottled up. I ran to release the energy, I ran to allow myself to feel every muscle in my body and I collapsed. As I sat on the sand, I took in the beautiful view, I welcomed the incredible feelings, I swallowed the salt particles and inhaled deeply. I wanted all the positive vibes to get inside. I was being revived, my soul was re-energising, and my heart was being flowed by new fresh blood. I cracked up and smiled for no specific reason… That day, the world felt so small, everything shrunk into a picture in my head. The smallest details that I wouldn’t notice on a typical day were being admired. I fell in love, I fell in love with the beach, the sand, the sun and the sky…The aquatic animals, the screams, the burning sensation of the sun rays, I fell in love with the world.

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