Your Arms Wrapped Around Me…

Your arms wrapped around me, that’s what I miss
The touch of your lips on my skin, Oh that wonderful kiss!
Soft and soothing your voice melts in my ear
Oh how much I’m longing for your words to hear
The smell of your hair always filled the air
All you left me with was tears and despair
My hand in your hand
All the threats were banned
The moment I lost you
My mind couldn’t comprehend
My heart torn to pieces
I prayed to Jesus
To bring you back to me
And help me heal my lesions
Going mad, growing sad, without you near my bed
Every second, every minute, your picture roams through my head
The bright sparkles reflected from your eyes
Always lighting up my skies
Your beauty and your charm was taken without alarm
That something inside me went missing
Causing so much harm
That tender, sweet laughter of yours
Still echoes through every one of my walls
A huge part of me was taken away
When you left far far away
For you, my Mother was and always will be
The light of my life and the roots of my tree
My love for you forever grows
But I can never forget my woes.
The End
Your Arms Wrapped Around Me...


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